Research Support Centre

Our History

Biopolis Shared Facilities (BSF), as Research Support Centre (RSC) was formerly known, was set up in 2003 when the health and biomedical research ecosystem was nascent. It operated four core facilities providing researchers access to a suite of common scientific equipment via a centralized shared research equipment model. With BSF, researchers already had ready access to research consumables and specialized instruments and BSF supported primarily A*STAR researchers then.

As the research ecosystem developed in the past decade, it has demanded a more sophisticated support solution provider. It became increasingly apparent that BSF’s products and services, and business model was becoming out of date due to equipment obsolescence and researchers’ evolving behavior. With this in mind, BSF has been transformed in 2016 to better meet the current and evolving needs of researches.

The new name of Research Support Centre reflects our role in better supporting and enabling researches.