Research Support Centre

Director's Message

Dr Graham Wright


Welcome to the Research Support Centre (RSC)!

RSC’s dedicated team aims to provide a high level of service support to biomedical scientists across the Singapore research ecosystem, from A*STAR, academic institutions and industry, particularly SMEs in the biotech sector.

Our activities focus on: 

  • Equipping researchers through partnerships with over 40 technology platforms and scientific service providers.
  • Empowering A*STAR’s scientific technology platforms.
  • Underpinning research operations, professionalising, optimising and ensuring efficiencies.


By supporting and leveraging on a broad range of world-class Technology Platforms we reduce barriers to entry, helping to accelerate scientific research projects by facilitating access to cutting-edge research infrastructure and expertise. We work closely with our platforms, providing front and back office functions, allowing them to concentrate on their core scientific roles, whilst also helping to gather information and performance metrics to support data-driven decision making for future strategy.

Our Webstore, which in September 2020 has undergone a significant revamp, lists >14,000 research consumables from over 50 vendors aiming to bring cost efficiencies and timely delivery to our customers. 

Through our Support Services (Glassware Washing & Biohazard Waste) we provide critical operational functions, ensuring convenience and the smooth running of research laboratories.

We look forward to continuing to support your research needs.


Warmest Regards,

Dr Graham Wright
Research Support Centre