Dr Bernett Lee graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and went on to do a Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics focusing on the analysis of alternative splicing using computational methods. After graduation, he worked for The Blueprint Initiative as the manager of High Throughput Biology aiding the creation of BIND (Biomolecular Interaction Network Database), a database of protein to protein interactions. He then moved to the Bioinformatics Institute where he supported collaborative research activities in the area of neurobiology, biomarker selection and intermediate filaments. When Thomson Reuters acquired the intellectual property of BIND, he joined them to further develop the database as part of Thomson Reuters life science portfolio. When Eli Lilly opened the Lilly SIngapore Centre For Drug Discovery, he joined the Integrative Computational Science (ICS) group to work on drug target identification and PK/PD (pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics). The solution that was developed at Eli Lilly for PK/PD was a success earning it a mention in the article "20 Great Ideas To Steal" in InformationWeek 500. Following the closure of the centre, he moved to SIgN as part of the Immunoinformatics core supporting the institute in all manner of data analysis.

The mission of the Immunoinformatics group is to enable the research of the other research groups in SIgN by providing state of the art and novel analytics to low, medium and high throughout datasets. The group also build analytical pipelines, data storage, query and retrieval systems, and integrated heterogeneous data analysis and visualisation systems to enable the scientists to explore their own data, and to combine in-house and external data.

 Postdocs (Ph.D) Systems Analyst Research Officer 
  • Kaibo DUAN
  • Vipin NARANG
  • Menaka RAJAPAKSE
  • Solomonraj WILSON
  • Nicholas ANG 


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