Shanshan Howland obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Stanford University, studying Chemical Engineering with a focus on biological applications. In 2008, she received her Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working at the interface of protein engineering and cancer immunology under the supervision of Dane Wittrup. Upon her return to Singapore as an A*STAR scholar, she researched the role of pathogenic CD8 T cells in malaria in Laurent Renia’s lab in SIgN. After a year in industry, she re-joined SIgN in 2018, heading the Immunogenomics Platform.

The Immunogenomics Platform supports the SIgN community by providing expertise in all areas of functional genomics.

 Postdocs (Ph.D) Research Officers
  • Srinivasan K.G
  • Ivy FOO
  • Avery KHOO
  • Geraldine KOH
  • Josephine LUM
  • Alicia TAY


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