Computational Immunology


The Computational Immunology (CI) platform established in 2011 is a team of highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds. The CI platform has extensive experience with analysis and integration of large, heterogeneous data sets to accelerate research. The group works with academic and industry collaborators to leverage on the cutting-edge methods to analyze multimodal biological data in order to gain biological insights in advancing research and/or innovation. Examples of these efforts include the integration and analysis of flow cytometry, Luminex protein expression and RNA-Seq in ATTRaCT (Asian neTwork for Translational Research and Cardiovascular Trials) as well as the analysis of flow cytometry, mass cytometry, Luminex, microarray, genotyping, clinical and functional assay data in the Singapore System Immunology Cohort (SSIC). These efforts have resulted in over a hundred joint peer reviewed publications over the last 9 years.


  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis
    • RNA-Seq
    • ChIP-Seq
    • ATAC-Seq
    • DNA-Seq
    • Genome assembly
    • Metagenomics
  • Flow cytometry analysis
  • Cross-technology integrated data analysis
  • Large scale cohort and clinical studies

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