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Mass Cytometry uses molecularly tagged antibodies to detect and quantify specific cellular antigens, allowing for highly multiplexed assays. The SIgN Mass Cytometry platform operates three Mass Cytometers using the CyTOF® technology. (one CyTOF 2 and two Helios instruments). Each of them has 150 channels that allows for the simultanous detection of >40 analytes. The panels typically consist of antibodies but in principle also multimerized peptide/MHC complexes or other receptor molecules such as annexins or glycan lectins that can be used as probes. Besides surface staining, intracellular staining protocols are established that allow monitoring of cytokine production, as well as detection of transcription factors or certain epigenetic markers. Barcoding is routinely used to simultaneously measure up to 15 different samples in a single run. For details on these technologies, please refer to this page.

The SIgN Mass Cytometry Platform provides high dimensional phenotypic and functional panels for profiling human and mouse immune cell subsets in tissues. For specific research interests, the platform staff can customize panels and also provide service for advanced data analysis. Upon project completion raw data files will be provided to the customer. For advanced analytical tools and a comprehensive data analysis service offering please refer to Mass Cytometry Data Analysis.

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