Mass Cytometry Data Analysis

Dr. Chen Jinmiao at SIgN, has developed novel tools such as the Cytofkit for the analysis of high-dimensional data derived from single cell flow and mass cytometry measurements. For data analysis requests, a standardized analysis report created by CyTOFkit encompassing high-level analysis plots (tSNE, Umap, heatmap etc.) can be generated with the raw data. A PDF file with the underlying CyTOFkit analysis file, original FCS files of the CyTOF runs and processed FCS files with tSNE/Umap co-ordinates and clustering information will be provided to the user at project completion. Experienced users can also download the CyTOFkit tools for advanced analysis and interactive visualization of analysis results.

For scientific questions related to mass cytometry data analysis, please contact:

Jinmiao CHEN
Head, Single-cell analysis

For additional customized analysis and other enquiries related to the data analysis, please complete the form below and we will be happy to assist you (all fields are required).

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