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Flow Cytometry allows for cellular analysis at the single-cell level with read-outs on cell morphology, phenotype, functions and more. Beyond cell analysis, we have employed flow cytometry in stem cell biology, cancer biology, water analysis, plant biology, and others. Models analyzed using flow cytometry include human, mouse, non-human , porcine, drosophila, and yeast. Cellular analysis has benefited greatly from the development of flow cytometers (e.g. lasers, detectors, electronics), novel reagents (e.g. fluorescent probes, antibodies), and recently adapted analytical tools to analyze increasingly complex data (e.g. dimensionality reduction).

The SIgN Flow Cytometry Platform has recently expanded their high-parameter capabilities with the BD FACSymphony™ flow cytometer and the Cytek™ Aurora spectral cytometer.

The BD FACSymphony™ is the most advanced 5-laser cell analyzer in the world that combines the inherent benefits of flow cytometry with high-parameter single cell acquisition. The system is able to simultaneous detect up to 30 parameters (inclusive of SSC and FSC) and enables users to identify and analyze distinctive phenotypes in heterogeneous populations (Dress RJ et al and H Kared et al).

The Cytek™ Aurora is a next-generation spectral flow cytometer that allows the concurrent usage of commercially available fluorescent dyes and proteins that are not easily separated by conventional flow cytometers. This has the potential to enable ultra-high parameter multiplexing of 30+ markers in FACS research/experiments. The Aurora will be available for external users in the near future; in the meantime, please contact us to pre-book a training session.

For further details on the technical aspects of flow cytometry, please refer to this page.

SIgN Flow Platform

The SIgN Flow Cytometry platform was established in 2014 as a key component of the SIgN Immunomonitoring Platform. It is the largest flow facility in South-East Asia and recently attained ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our state-of-the-art facility uses cutting-edge cell sorters to stain up to 18 different markers for sorting. We also have analyzers that can differentiate up to 28 markers in a single sample. The platform provides access to flow machines as well as guidance on study design, sample preparation, staining, sorting, data acquisition and analysis.

The SIgN Flow Cytometry platform houses a wide range of well-maintained instruments - 13 flow analyzers and 8 sorters - and are continuously expanding its capabilities to push the boundaries on cellular analysis. The platform is supported by dedicated and skilled personnel who are SCYM(ASCP)CM certified, a unique certification dedicated to flow cytometry staff.

Analyzers Instrument configuration No. of Parameters detected (excluding FSC and SSC)
BD FACSVerse™ 3 Lasers system (4B/2R/2V) 7
BD FACSCanto™ II 3 Lasers system (5B/2R/2V) 9
BD LSR II 4 Lasers system (5B/3R/3V/3UV) 14
BD LSR II 5 Lasers system (2B/3R/6V/3UV/4YG) 18
BD LSR II 5 Lasers system (2B/2R/5V/2UV/5YG) 16
BD LSRFortessa™ 4 Lasers system (2B/3R/6V/5YG) 16
BD FACSymphony™ 5 Lasers system (5B/3R/9V/7UV/4YG) 28
BD FACSCelesta™ 3 Lasers system (4B/3R/5V) 12
BD Accuri™ C6 2 Lasers system (2B/2R) 4
BD Accuri™ C6 SORP 2 Lasers system (2B/2UV) 4
MACSQuant® Analyzer (2 units) 3 Lasers system (4B/2R/1V) 7
Cytek™ Aurora 4 Lasers system (14B/8R/16V/10YG) 48
Sorter Instrument configuration No. of Parameters detected (excluding FSC and SSC)
BD FACSAria III 3 Lasers system (5B/3R/5V) 13
BD FACSAria IIu 4 Lasers system (5B/3R/3V/3UV) 14
BD FACSAria II 5 Lasers system (2B/3R/5V/2UV/5YG) 17
BD FACSAria IIu 5 Lasers system (5B/3R/3V/2UV/5YG) 18
BD FACSAria Fusion 5 Lasers system (2B/3R/6V/2UV/5YG) 18
BD FACSMelody™ 3 Lasers system (4B/2R/3V) 9
BD Influx™ 3 Lasers system (5B/3R/4V) 12
MoFlo XDP 4 Lasers system (4B/3R/2V/5YG) or (4B/5V/5YG) 14


The SIgN Flow Cytometry platform offers the following services:

  1. Self-operated access to flow machines (free training will be provided before access is granted)
  2. Operator-assisted use of flow machines and sorters
  3. Full project service including guidance on study design, sample preparation, staining, data acquisition, sorting and analysis. (Refer to ‘Customized services’)

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Book equipment Customized services

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Instrument Booking

For self-operated access and operator-assisted use of flow machines, please create a PPMS account to book our instruments.

For new users, kindly click here to create an account and email us at Flowcytometry@immunol.a-star.edu.sg for training.

Existing users with accounts can login to the booking system here.

Things to note:

  • Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Any cancellations made within 24 hours prior to the booked slots will be charged.


Services FY20 Price
Cell sorting (operator-assisted) $115/hr
Cell analysis (user self operated) $75/hr
FACSymphony™ (user self operated) $130/hr
Cytek™ Aurora (user self operated) $100/hr

Contact Us

Flow Cytometry Team at SIgN

For scientific questions related to flow cytometry, please contact:

Leon Hwang
Head, Flow Cytometry Platform

For general enquiries/service engagements, please contact us at SIgN_IMP@immunol.a-star.edu.sg.

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