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Unlock the potential of single cell transcriptomics and immune profiling! The SIgN Immunogenomics platform uses 10x Genomics technology in its single cell analysis. The 10x Genomics Chromium instrument generates a nano-emulsion of single cells each co-encapsulated with a barcoded bead, enabling the RNA of up to ~5000 cells to be analysed in a single tube while maintaining single-cell resolution. Applications include:

  • Gene expression profiling of a heterogeneous cell population, such as a tissue or tumour. Traditional RNA sequencing of bulk tissues provides an average profile of multiple cell types, while single cell transcriptomics reveals the properties of the subpopulations.
  • Within one cell type, single cell transcriptomics can reveal distinct sub-populations with different functions, potentially identifying novel biomarkers or gene signatures.
  • Obtain paired T cell receptor (TCR) and B cell receptor (BCR) sequences to study clonal diversity and clonal expansion. TCR/BCR readouts are linked at the single cell level to the gene expression profile.

Representative tSNE plot of 10X Genomics sequencing data

10x Genomics Service Data Analysis

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