DropArray® Format

The DropArray® format developed by Curiox BioSystems was adapted by the SIgN MAP platform to reduce both the sample volume as well as the costs of high-dimensional Luminex analysis. It is based on wall-less plate technology (-> drops) which is employed for miniaturizing bead-based immunoassays enabling small sample volumes (2-5 µl). In principle, the same kits used for the Standard Format or the Exploratory Format can also be used with the DropArray® Format. While the reduced sample volume allows one to stretch the one kit to five plates, the variations of the sample readings are naturally higher compared to the Standard Format. We therefore suggest to analyze each sample in duplicates when using the DropArray format. A comparison of the data obtained for 31 PBMC samples in the DropArray® Format and the Standard Format can be found here.

  • Uses 5 times less sample volume than standard Luminex
  • Runs up to 400 samples using a single Luminex kit

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