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Antibody and Product Development by Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC)

Your Preferred Partner for Antibody Services

Antibody and Product Development platform by Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC) is a multi-disciplinary lab that cover areas of research involving antibody engineering, bioinformatics analysis, customized protein expression/analysis, biomedical engineering, psychology and scientific mobile applications.

Scope of Services

  • Cloning and Expression
  • Antibody humanization (Proprietary in-house)
  • Recombinant protein production/purification (E.coli and transient mammalian)
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Biosensor kinetic assay (BLItz/Octet System)
  • Microbiological/Cell cytotoxicity testing
  • Protein modelling, molecular docking, structural and computational biology
  • 3D printing and medical device prototyping
  • Scientific mobile applications
  • Psychological survey consultation
  • Workshop


Key Equipment

  • AKTA Pure
  • AKTAxpress
  • Octet Red96


Images obtained from: AKTApure - ; Octet - 


Our Products

Service providion and co-development of high yielding and economical " Made in Singapore" research kits e.g. Miniprep, Gel/PCR and gDNA/RNA extraction kits.

Bioinformatics Mobile Apps

Consultancy and development of mobile apps such as DNAApp, APD Colony Counter and GelApp to increase research productivity.



Selected services are applicable for  Tech Access* grant subsidy
*Terms and Conditions Apply