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Our Success Stories / What We Do

AWAK uses RSC’s Partner Services to advance its innovative wearable peritoneal dialysis system into the clinics.

AWAK Technologies Pte. Ltd. was connected to Pharma Research Services (PRS) team at IMCB through RSC. Dr Manikanadan and Dr Venkataramanan, lead scientists at PRS generated high quality reproducible safety data on inflammatory biomarkers. This crucial data in combination with AWAK’s clinical data helped to demonstrate the safety of the AWAK Peritoneal Dialysis System, which is an ultra-portable/wearable peritoneal dialysis system that allows dialysis to be performed on-the-go.

“Dr Mani and Dr Venkat provided strategic technological support to resolve the analytical challenges that we faced. I would also like to express my gratitude to RSC for facilitating this collaboration. I look forward to more collaborations.”

-Mr Suresha Venkataraya, CEO, AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd

Supporting Academic Lab CEOs

Vector Core at GIS develops and produces high-grade adeno-associated viruses (AAV) for research and preclinical uses. Dr Chew Wei Leong and his team approached RSC to provide business admin support so that the scientific team did not have to trade off research time for services management.

RSC created a customised Vector Core webpage on the RSC portal and provided the Team an e-commerce platform to advertise, list and sell their custom-viral vector business.

“Pharmas, biotechs and even academics are increasingly outsourcing parts of life science research to academics. Vector Core is happy to leverage on RSC’s support and be part of its online marketplace facilitating research.”

- Dr Chew Wei Leong, Principal Investigator, GIS