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A*STAR Microscopy Platform (AMP) enables research in the biomedical sciences by providing:
  • A team of dedicated expert staff to train and support users
  • A wide range of light microscopes and techniques for imaging across the length scales a at high spatiotemporal resolution.
  • Image analysis software on powerful workstations
  • Regular practical training courses in microscopy and image analysis

AMP houses 17 high-end light microscopes and currently has over 250 regular users. AMP operates either by training users to be independent or as a service facility in which the microscopy is carried out with users by our experts. Once trained, users have access to our  online booking system to plan their experiments.

AMP also hosts the A*STAR-EVIDENT Microscopy Platform, where we have access to the latest technology and instrumentation from Evident, as well as enjoying excellent support.

Contact Details
AMP - main labAMP-EVIDENT Microscopy Platform
61 Biopolis Drive
#06-20 Proteos
Singapore 138673
8A Biomedical Grove
#06-18 Immunos
Singapore 138648
Tel:  6407 0253Tel: 6407 0203


For equipment booking, please click on this link:  AMP PPMS.

For AMP PPMS account creation, please click on this link:  Account creation.

A Singapore-wide microscopy infrastructure network

AMP is a founding member of SingaScope – a Singapore-wide microscopy infrastructure network supported by the National Research Foundation’s Shared Infrastructure Support (SIS) grant. SingaScope is a partnership between Singapore’s leading microscopy platforms; at the  Mechanobiology Institute (MBI),   Centre for Bioimaging Sciences (CBIS) within the National University of Singapore, the  Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) within Nanyang Technological University, and  SingHealth.

Currently, SingaScope had expanded to include the following: SLING NUS, PPC NUS, EMF NUS, FPL A*STAR, IMRE A*STAR, Multiphoton Microscopy Core Facility NUS, Bioimaging Facility TLL, FACT NTU, EMU NUS, NOBIC NUS, AIL NUS & NUSMed CMA. For more details look at SingaScope platforms, please click on the following link: SingaScope Map.


GlobalBioimagingSingaScope is part of the Global Bioimaging network of imaging infrastructures and hosted the Exchange of Experience IV meeting in September 2019