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AAVs Production and Purification by Vector Core @ GIS

Medicines can only be effective when delivered to the right cells, tissues, and organs. One of the most promising and effective ways to do this is through Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAVs), the only viral vectors clinically approved for human use. AAVs are prevalent in the human population, benign, and highly robust for transducing cells in the body, making them the therapeutic modality of choice. The Vector Core @ GIS develops and produces high-grade AAVs for genetic treatments. An academic spin-off of the Molecular Therapeutics Programme, which is constituted by a team from MEL, GIS, NUS, BTI, and SERI, the Vector Core is established as a partnership with the A*STAR Research Support Centre (RSC) to generate high-grade delivery vectors for research and preclinical uses... Find out more


iPSCs Derivation by AT Lab @ IMCB

The ATLab @ IMCB is providing human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derivation service. These hiPSCs retain the same genetic makeup of the human donor and can be differentiated into a variety of desired human cells for 1) disease modelling and 2) in vitro drug screening...Find out more