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Adv course 2023
The ASTAR-Evident hereby presents the 3D Advanced Microscopy Course 2023 

Topics to be covered: 
- Widefield Deconvolution 
- Scanning Confocal 
- Spinning Disk Confocal 
- Light-sheet 
- Multiphoton 
- Image Analysis and Processing 

Seminars are on 29 Aug 2023, practical sessions are on 30 Aug – 1 Sept, 5 Sept 2023. 

Course fee is S$240 (GST not included) for practical attendees. 

Course is free for seminar attendees. Seminar attendees only need to attend the seminars on 29 Aug 2023. 
Registration deadline is 21 July 2023.
To register, please visit the registration link below: 

Registration Closed

Briefing outline of course schedule is available by clicking on course poster above.
If you requires more details, please email event organizer:
ImageJ Training

Image Processing & Analysis with ImageJ / FIJI (Basic Course, runs on demand)

Fiji is an image processing package of ImageJ. It is bundled with many plugins for scientific image analysis. For this 2 afternoon course, we will focus on images from life sciences.

The course will introduce concept of digital images, scientific image integrity and acquiring good images for analysis.

During course, we will also work with software Fiji on various tasks such as image calibration, adding scale bar, segmentation, making measurement and writing simple macro.

At end of course, course participants will gain experience to use Fiji with their own data.


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