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Pharmacokinetics by Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB)

Pharmacokinetics studies are essential to any pharmaceutical researcher’s work

From in vivo to in vitro ADME studies, the effectiveness of your drugs can be tested with ease using our rodent (rat and mice) models.


Key Services

In vitro ADME studies

  • Permeability: PAMPA assay
  • Metabolic stability: Human, Rat, Mouse Liver Microsomes (HLM, RLM, MLM)
  • CYP inhibition studies

In vivo studies

  • Administration via IV, PO, IP, IM, SC routes
  • Rat carotid, jugular vein, bile duct cannulation
  • Determination of PK parameters (Tmax, Cmax, AUC 0-infinity)
  • Determination of oral bioavailability, clearance, volume of distribution
  • Tissue distribution studies
  • PK/PD studies in normal and diseased animals


  • Small molecule bioanalysis