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RNAi High Content Imaging Screening Facility by Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB)

Enabling your Next Gene Discovery


Our siRNA screen platform technology aim at providing users with valuable siRNA gene leads discovery for a key biological question. We quantify cell phenotype with high content imaging or other modalities. We will assist users in our facility in miniaturizing, automating and designing robust cell based assay suitable from small screen of 200 siRNA in one plate or large screen of up to 20000 siRNA across 72x 384 well plates. We also train and assist users for all various questions relevant to the use of high content imaging solutions we have.

We have suitable automation for screening small compound library of up to 2000 compounds. For larger scale please refer to EDCC.

Frederic Bard was first in Singapore and IMCB/A*STAR in establishing this RNAi facility in 2006.




Key Equipment

  • Perkin Elmer Opera Phenix laser spinning disk confocal:
    • 96/384 well plate/slide
    • 5x/20X air/20x water/40X water/63X water
    • brightfield/phase contrast/blue/green/red/infra-red
    • Robot stacker 14 plates
  • Perkin Elmer Operetta CLS LED spinning disk (for live sample):
    • 96/384 plate/slide
    • 5x/10X air/20X air/20x water
    • brightfield/phase contrast/blue/green/red/infra-red
    • Robot stacker 14 plates


  • Incucyte SX5 (for live sample):
    • dish/flask/6/12/24/48.96/384 well plate
    • 5x air/10x air/20x air
    • Phase contrast/green/orange/near infra red

  • High content imaging storage pipeline
    • Columbus 2.9 with storage 90TB
    • Incucyte SX5 28TB
  • High Throughput Liquid Handling Systems
    • Agilent Bravo with BenchCell. 96/384 well head
    • Integra Viaflo 384. 384 well head

  • Microplate Washers & Dispenser
    • BioTek EL-406 Washer with Stacker
    • 4X Thermo Multidrop Combi Bulk Dispenser
    • 384 Aspirator

  • High Throughput Plate Readers
    • Tecan M200 fluorescence/luminescence reader
  • Preprinted Human and Mouse siRNA siGENOME SMARTpool arrayed library (Horizon/Dharmacon)
    • Kinase
    • Phosphatase
    • GPCR
    • Druggable genome
    • miRNA
    • Genome


Key Service

  • Design, miniaturization, automation and screen data normalization of cell based assay (luminescence, alpha lisa, immunofluorescence and more)
  • Drug screening, library printing, custom reagents printing (gRNA, siRNA)



  • Cell based assay:  quantification with immunofluorescence, luminescence, alpha lisa etc
  •  Scratch wound assay/Proliferation/cytotoxicity/spheroid assay/Phagocytosis/endocytosis
  • Functional Genomics screen (siRNA arrayed, CRISPR, CRISPRi arrayed)
  • Image segmentation design and optimisation. Image Machine learning
  • Automation of cell based assay/plate assay



Find out more

Please contact or Dr Xavier Le Guezennec 
Facility location: 
#05-12 RNAi Facility,
61 Biopolis Drive, Proteos Building
138673 Singapore