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Graham Wright, PhD MBA
Director, Research Support Centre
Director, A*STAR Microscopy Platform
Imaging Consultant (Honorary), LKC School of Medicine, NTU (Adjunct)
Office: Matrix 
Phone: 6407 0167


Graham holds an interdisciplinary PhD in cell biology and physics from The University of Edinburgh, UK. He has extensive experience in applying advanced light microscopy to a wide range of biomedical research projects.

 Outside the laboratory he is committed to science outreach and has featured as a judge on MediaCorp’s National Science Challenge TV show, presented a TEDx talk, had microscopy images displayed on the big screen in Times Square, New York and exhibited work at Beautiful Science and Dynamic Beauty in Science at the National Museum of Singapore.

 He can be contacted for consultation and advice on your experimental design and with any requests for new equipment.


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MA Xiaoxiao, PhD
Office: Proteos 5-08-5
Phone: 6586 9733


Xiaoxiao holds a PhD in Chemistry from National University of Singapore, where she started to work on microscopic techniques. Started her career as an application specialist supporting scientific cameras, spectroscopy, and lasers, she received a good exposure to varies imaging-related instruments. She is passionate in exploring new microscopic techniques and new applications, and has extensive experience in applying basic, advanced light microscopy and special tools (FCS, FCCS, FRAP) to chemical and biological samples. 
Contact her for advice on experimental design and plan, collaboration project, confocal training and troubleshooting and any questions regarding this platform.


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Goh Wah Ing, PhD
Assistant Manager
Office: Proteos 6.20
Phone: 6407 0253


Wah Ing enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of microscopy and taking apart microscope hardware. Trained in cell biology, she has extensive experience in sample preparation and studying cytoskeletal structures by live-cell imaging and single molecule localisation microscopy.

She oversees the day-to-day operations of the facility and manages requests for light microscopy training and imaging services, helping users from different fields identify the microscope most suitable for their experiments.

She also provides consultation for sample preparation and more challenging experiments, and operates the DeltaVision OMX superresolution system for 3D structured illumination microscopy.



Shuping Lin, PhD
Manager, Product Application, Evident Singapore
Office: Immunos 6.18
Phone: 6407 0203


Shuping is employed by Evident Singapore. She is seconded to AMP as a collaborator and supports the A*STAR-Evident Microscopy Platform. She holds PhD in molecular & cell biology from National University of Singapore and had extensive experience in sample preparation and applying basic and advanced light microscopy to a wide range of biomedical research projects.

She can be contacted for help with basic microscopy imaging, live-cell imaging, confocal microscopy imaging.


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John Lim, B.Sc
Image Analyst
Office: Proteos 6.20
Phone: 6407 0300


John holds a bachelor of applied physics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has expertise in image processing and analysis, particularly using ImageJ/FIJI. He offers advices and writes macros for automating or simplifying image analysis problems.

He also regularly conducts the course Image Processing & Analysis with FIJI (ImageJ).



Annisa Ibrahim, B.Sc 
Research Officer
​Office: Proteos 6.20
Phone: 6407 0253

Annisa handles the administrative matters for the facility operations. She also helps with procurement-related & assists with slide scanner imaging. 

She holds a bachelor of Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.