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High Throughput Image-based Phenotypic Profiling (HIPP) Platform by Bioinformatics Institute (BII)


High Throughput Image-based Phenotypic Profiling Platform provides biological image analysis, management, and visualization services for core imaging facilities, biological and AI research labs, medical centers, and biotech companies.

Our digital solutions can greatly simplify and accelerate the analysis and management workflows for your immunofluorescence or histopathological images of cells, organoids, or tissues. 



Key Services

  • HPAShare
  • Cloud-based biological image sharing and management service
  • HPAScore
  • Automated cell or tissue scoring service based on the cellXpress software ( developed at BII
  • HIPP
  • High-throughput in vitro phenotypic screening of drugs or chemicals using immortalized cell lines, primary cells, and organoids
  • HIPPTox
  • Machine-learning-based models for rapid predictions of kidney, lung, and liver toxicities induced by drugs or chemicals with little or no human information



For more information

  1. The HIPP Platform is managed by Dr. Lit-Hsin Loo’s Lab at BII
  2. Predictive kidney, lung and liver toxicity models based on HIPPTox
  3. ImmunoAtlas is an online reference database for immuno-oncology markers and diseased-tissue phenotypes that we co-developed with JY’s Lab.
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