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Histopathology by Advanced Molecular Pathology Laboratory (AMPL) @ IMCB

Advanced Molecular Pathology Laboratory (AMPL) from Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology (IMCB) is a GLP-certified histopathology laboratory that provides an integrated array of services to biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. It brings together expertise across multiple disciplines to provide a one-stop histology services. New technologies at AMPL enable research groups to deliver innovative and cutting-edge contribution to basic as well as translational research, therapeutic target validation and drug safety evaluation...Find out more

Multiplex IHC Immuno-Mapping by JY's Lab @ IMCB

The Multiplex IHC Immuno-Mapping platform specialises in tissue-based immuno-profiling of cancers and other diseases. Led by the pioneer and key opinion leader (Integrative Biology for Theranostics Lab, IMCB, A*STAR) in automation of quantitative multiplex immunofluorescence/immunohistochemistry (mIF/IHC), the platform is actively involved in clinical and translational studies with scientific/clinical collaborators and industry partners...Find out more

Model-Based Digital Pathology Solutions by IMCB-A! Joint Lab Platform @ IMCB

We are committed to advance quantitative digital pathology image analysis and reliable diagnostic solutions in both academic research and clinical application. The core technology team has extensive experience of designing and prototyping accurate, efficient and powerful solutions for cellular and digital pathology imaging informatics. We integrate methodologies from multiple fields such as signal processing, image processing and computer vision, optimization, machine learning, pattern recognition, mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL), in collaboration with pathologists, oncology Scientists and cell biologists, etc...Find out more