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The ID Labs Pathogen Flow Platform has the expertise and workflow to support your infectious diseases research needs.

A comprehensive characterisation of host immunity during pathogen infections is critical in broadening our understanding of the disease mechanism and key to the development of novel therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostic tools.



A*STAR ID Labs Flow Cytometers

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    Scope of Services

    • Study Design
    • Technical assistance for BSL2e operations (sample handling)



    • Immunophenotyping
    • Serological Detection
    • Cytokines Quantifications
    • Biomarkers Detection
    • Cell Proliferation Assays
    • Disease Monitoring
    • Vaccine Monitoring


    Applications of Services

    #4 Application Image 1
    #5 Application Image 2

    Applications of Pathogen Flow services in infectious diseases research: Pathogen flow assay for detection of spike protein-specific antibodies in symptomatic individuals with COVID-19 (left). Immunophenotyping of CD45+ immune cells in healthy, acute and recovered covid patients revealed the presence of CD169+ monocytes and CD11b+ neutrophils in acute-phase patients (right). (Sources: Goh et al., 2021 Cell Rep Med; Carissimo et al., 2020 Nat Comm).

    For more information, you could reach out to RSC at or the following person in charge in ID Labs listed below.

    1. Access to ID Lab Pathogen Flow Cytometry's PPMS online booking system

    2. Fok Moon LUM, ID Labs Platform Head

    3. Brenda AW, ID Labs Research Officer

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