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Instron Mechanical Testing by Biofabrication & Devices @ BTI


Key Equipment

Instron Mechanical Testing (Instron 3340)

The Instron 3340 series is a single column testing system with a force capacity of 5N or 50N. It is equipped with two different platens, a compression and a tensile platen. This gives the flexibility for testing different properties of materials. With two different load cells, it has the capability to test different range of materials, from soft materials to materials that are stiffer. The machine is also able to test on small samples at about 2mm in length.



Key Services

  • Analysis of material mechanical properties
  • Young modulus, tensile strength, compressive strength, stiffness, toughness
  • Sample preparation into specific shapes compatible to Instron if required
  • Basic training on handling the machine, loading of sample etc (optional)



  • To get a quantitative data about material properties and study the material’s characteristics
  • Determining the mechanical properties of materials, for e.g stiffness

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