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Luminicell Pte Ltd

Luminicell is a Singapore biotechnology company that specializes in advanced biocompatible fluorescent probes, redefining the limits of research discoveries to accelerate biomedical innovations for better human lives.
Our proprietary organic nanoparticle-based fluorescent platform technology with unique aggregation-induced emission (AIE) properties, is designed to be the best-in-class enabling solutions for end-to-end translational biomedical research.

Current available exogeneous fluorescence labels are susceptible to photobleaching upon prolonged irradiation, limiting the possibilities for researchers’ to perform long-term imaging experiments to gain deeper understandings.
Luminicell’s patented platform technology offers unique fluorescence solutions ranging from visible to near-infrared region, with exceptional photostability and large Stokes shift.
Our lipid encapsulation platform enables challenging materials to be delivered in vivo under stable and biocompatible manner.
Most importantly, our nanoparticle platform allows tunable targeting groups on the fluorescence probes surface, opening up possibilities for bio-conjugation of customised antibodies, peptides and aptamers, to meet researchers unmet needs.
Combining the different level of technologies above, our products offer simultaneous benefits of biocompatibility, bright fluorescence, outstanding photostability and high signal longevity, enabling live cell fluorescence labelling for long-term imaging studies, with desired specificity.




Key Services

  • Customised fluorescence labels for long-term imaging
  • Customised bioconjations with Luminicell fluorescence probes (antibodies, peptides,aptamers)
  • Variety of emission profiles available (blue, green, red, NIR-I, NIR-II)



  • In-vitro long-term live cell imaging
  • In-vivo long-term cell monitoring
  • In-vivo vascular labelling
  • Ex-vivo organs labelling
  • 3D cell models co-culture visualisation
  • Specific targeting fluorescence probes for bioimaging
  • Specific labels for fluorescence assisted cell sorting






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