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Mass Cytometry Platform @ Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN)

Our ONE-STOP platform to support your research NEEDS.

As part of SIgN's Immunomonitoring Platform, the two HeliosTM Mass Cytometers and HyperionTM Imager housed at SIgN can acquire up to 50 independent parameters simultaneously per cell for deep immunophenotyping, immuno-monitoring or specific cellular analyses of the immune responses using off-the-shelf Maxpar® panel kits or in-house custom panels. 

We have:

  • Comprehensive collection of commercial antibodies
  • In-house developed peptide MHC-I tetramers
  • Simplified workflow
  • Multiplex analysis for both Blood and Tissue
  • Highly experienced research and scientific team
  • Fast and Reliable services at affordable pricing





HELIOS- Suspension Mass Cytometry

Mass Cytometry or “Cytometry by Time-of-Flight” (CyTOF®) is a cutting-edge technology that combines flow cytometry and mass spectrometry to enable high-dimensional analysis of single cells. Mass cytometry uses heavy metal isotopes as labels, which overcomes the limitations of fluorescence-based methods by expanding the number of parameters that can be simultaneously measured, enabling the profiling of dozens of markers at a single-cell resolution.

For more information, please refer to the video by Dr. Teh Boon-Eng from Standard BioTools: Mass Cytometry: The Cytometry without Limits (a presentation to Syngene Intl.) | Boon-Eng Teh, PhD - Standard BioTools Flow Cytometry Videos

The workflow is schematically shown below:
Our predefined Suspension Mass Cytometry panels:

If your targets of interest are not covered by the SIgN predefined panels or if you would like to integrate specific probes other than antibodies, we can work with you to customize a panel that suit your specific research needs.

For more details, contact


HYPERION- Imaging Mass Cytometry

When used alongside Helios™, the HyperionTM Imaging System allows for the simultaneous co-imaging of up to 40 markers on one tissue sample. The high-dimensional data generated by IMC enables researchers to gain deep insights into the spatial organization of cells within tissues, immune responses, tumor heterogeneity, and neuronal networks.


The IMC workflow is well-suited for high-volume samples, clinical research trials, and multi-site studies, as it involves a single non-cyclic immunostaining and detection process. We could even streamline the workflow of selection of Region of Interest to save time and cost.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any enquiries about panel design or sample preparation:

Platform Head: Olaf Rotzschke, Ph.D.



  •  Immunophenotyping & Exploration of Novel Cell Populations

Both our predefined panels and the Maxpar® panel kits broadly cover the distinct peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) subsets and can be configured for certain cell subsets or applications, such as T cell oncology, COVID or allergy. Specialized panels include the detection of epigenetic markers (EpiTOF) is also available.

CyTOF Antibodies and Panel Kits Selector | Standard BioTools

  •  T Cell Tracking and TCR Sequencing
Our Mass Cytometry platform provides reloadable peptide/MHC-I tetramers as versatile probes for T cell tracking and T cell receptor sequencing (CITE-seq). For peptide MHC-I tetramer libraries, multiplexing technology is available to determine T-cell antigen specificities within the same sample. Our immunophenotyping analysis routinely covers intracellular markers, such as FoxP3, Ki67 and Granzyme B, and the use of cytokine-specific antibody panels further allows for functional characterization of activated cell subsets.
  • Peptide Epitope Discovery with MHC-I Molecules

Our platform employs proprietary technology to produce recombinant single-chain MHC-I proteins in the baculovirus expression vector system. Based on well-established streptavidin-based tetramer technology, each recombinant MHC-I protein can be enzymatically exchanged with different peptides, to make new peptide MHC-I tetramer arrays for identifying their corresponding CD8+ T-cells.

Currently available haplotypes are:

  • HLA*A 02:01
  • HLA*A 02:07
  • HLA*A 11:01
  • HLA*A 24:02

Our experienced research team employs advanced visualization tools to analyse data. 

Raw data can be analysed using commercial software such as FlowJo™ or CyTOFkit, a public domain visualization & analysis tool developed by the single-cell analysis group at SIgN.

More advanced data analysis can also be provided as a service by our Single-cell Bioinformatics group. 



For research collaboration, research or analytical services, please contact:

Platform Head: Olaf Roetzschke
Email: or

For more information, please download a copy of our brochure here.