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in vitro Toxicology by BioPharma Innovation and Solutions @IMCB

As no chemical is completely risk-free, testing the harmful effects of various drugs is a quintessential component of pharmaceutical research. We offer in-vivo testing (non-GLP) as well as in vitro alternatives to animal testing to cater to a wide range of research needs. With a selection of animal models and assays, we ensure accuracy in quantifying your targets’ risks, helping you take that step forward towards the development of safer ones.


Key Service

in vitro alternative to animal model testing (GLP and non GLP)

  • Eye irritation assay: SIRC assay
  • Skin Corrosion assays: Corrositex assay
  • Skin Sensitisation assay: DPRA assay

in-vivo toxicology testing (non-GLP)

  • in-vivo toxicology testing (non-GLP)