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Advanced Proteomics Platform @ IMCB

High-end mass spectrometry technology transforming various areas in science

The Advanced Proteomics Platform (A~PROMPT) at Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) integrates and consolidates the well-established proteomics capabilities of two accomplished proteomics laboratories (Functional Proteomics and Translational Biomedical Proteomics) in IMCB to provide high quality proteomics expertise to industries and academic researchers. We apply advanced mass spectrometry technology to various domains, ranging from biomedical sciences to food and nutrition applications in engagement with multiple academic research groups, public agencies, hospitals and private entities.




Key Expertise/ Capabilities

  1. Drug target identification
  2. Disease biomarker discovery
  3. Precision medicine
  4. Diagnostic assay development
  5. Targeted proteomics
  6. Quantitative proteomics
  7. Data Independent Acquisition
  8. Proteome profiling
  9. Post-translational modification profiling
  10. Signaling networks analysis
  11. Protein complex analysis
  12. Ligand-protein interactions
  13. DNA-, RNA- protein interactions
  14. Lipids-protein interactions
  15. MHC presented peptides identification


Key Equipment




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