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High Throughput Screening by Experimental Drug Discovery Centre (EDDC)

Your partner in drug discovery and drug repurposing

EDDC’s High Throughput Screening platform (HTS) is able to identify hits or tool compounds from a diverse collection of more than 300,000 curated compounds. Boasting a state-of-the-art and the only fully integrated automation platform in Singapore, HTS is able to screen up to 16,000 compounds per day. The platform allows for plating of up to 100 plates a day, automatic assembly of various homogenous biochemical and cell-based assays and raw data capture. A variety of biochemical & functional cell based assays offers researchers a wide range of selection to meet target specific assay read outs.




Key Expertise

  • Homogeneous assay development & miniaturization
  • Diverse biochemical assays (oxido-reductase, kinase/ATP, and methyl transferase assays)
  • Protein-protein interaction assays such as AlphaLisa fluorescent polarization & FRET
  • Functional cell based assay (apoptosis, reporter assay, ion channel (FLIPR), nanoBRET, nanoBiT)


Diverse Small Molecule Compound Library Collection

  • Drug screening & discovery (Drug repurposing screen with known bioactive
  • compounds) (1760)
  • Natural compound screening (623)
  • Hepatotoxicity drug screening (238)
  • Antivirus screening (471)
  • Kinase Focused screening (16K)
  • Epigenetics Library (2000)
  • Antiviral HBV (12K)
  • Enamine-Pharmacological Diversity (>10K)
  • Anti-Cancer Major Pathways (5K)
  • ChemDiv discovery scaffolds (50K)




    Functional Genomics Libraries

    • Human whole genome siRNA / shRNA
    • Human microRNA mimics and inhibitors
    • Human long-non-coding RNA (lncRNA) library
    • Human genome cDNA library


    State-of-the-art Equipment Available for Client Access

    • Tecan Spark plate reader
    • Thermo MultiDrop Combi Bulk dispenser
    • Labcyte Echo Acousitic dispenser
    • Bravo Liquid handling platform



    High Throughput Screening (HTS) is part of the EDDC Academic Research Organisation or EARO, a Fee-for-Service initiative by the Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC). Founded in 2020, EARO was conceived to provide greater access to EDDC’s rich scientific expertise and state of the art technology platforms to the academic and industry researchers in the biomedical ecosystem who aspire to embark on a journey of translating their research into drug candidates. EARO comprises primarily of 5 core drug discovery platforms headed by scientists with decades of experience.  The EARO Platforms include High Throughput Screening (HTS), Fragment Based Screening (FBS), Protein Crystallography (XRAY), High Throughput Phenomics (HTP) and Computational Phenomics Platforms (CPP). Together, EARO groups have engaged with more than 70 academic and industry partners.

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