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High Throughput Screening (HTS) by EARO@EDDC

Screen up to 16,000 Compounds per Day per Project

The High Throughput Screening (HTS) platform specializes in small-molecule drug discovery projects and can help you to identify hits or tool compounds for your target/cell of interest. Several compound libraries are available (from small focus sets to large diverse collection of more than 300,000 curated compounds) to better cater your needs. Boasting a state-of-the-art and the only fully integrated automation platform in Singapore, the HTS platform can screen up to 16,000 compounds per day per project.



Scope of Services

  • Drug Screening
  • Target & Hit Identification
  • Assay Development, Optimisation & Miniaturisation
    • A very broad range of target-class assays


Key Assay Expertise

  • Fluorescence Polarisation
    • nanoBRET
    • nonaGLO HighBIT
    • Fluorescence Assays (eg. FRET)
    • Luminescence Assays (eg. Luciferase)
    • Biophysical Assays


    Sample Types

    • Proteins/Enzymes
    • Cultured Mammalian Cells



    HTS Service Composite
    HTS Instrument Composite

    Key Technologies

    • Azenta SampleStore II Compound Storage & Management Systems
    • Beckman Complete Automation Integrated Deck
      • Cell Seeding
      • Compound Treatment
      • Reagent Dispensing
      • Plate Washing
      • Assay Readouts
    • Agilent DDR Integrated Liquid Handling Deck
    • Microplate Washers & Dispensers
      • Agilent-BioTek 405TS Washer with Stacker
      • Thermo Multidrop Combi Bulk Dispenser
    • High Throughput Plate Readers
      • Tecan Spark Multimode Reader
      • Tecan Infinite M1000 Pro
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    The HTS Platform is part of the EARO initiative, whose mission is to accelerate early-stage drug discovery in Singapore by providing access to EDDC’s expertise in Drug Discovery & Development and its industry-leading technologies.