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A*STAR Flow Cytometry Cluster

Advancing science through leveraging flow cytometry capabilities across Biomedical Research Council entities - in research, collaboration, industry partnership and services.


The A*STAR Flow Cytometry Cluster brings together rich capabilities in the field of Flow Cytometry from across the Biomedical Research Council of A*STAR. Through coordination across 3 Research Institutes, the cluster actively maintains state-of-the-art flow cytometry instrumentation on par with global research institutes. Across the cluster, platforms are equipped with various certifications ISO9001:2015 (SIgN), BSL2+ (ID Labs) and BSL2 (SIgN, IMCB, ID Labs) to cater to varying research needs. The cohesive network facilitates open access to cutting-edge analysers and sorters and aseptic cell sorting, as well as provides consultative services for specific project needs (study design, panel design and optimisation). Coordination across the cluster allows the platforms to serve the needs of the research ecosystem by  ensuring efficiency and maximising the utilisation of valuable resources.

Capabilities include high-parameter phenotyping, surface and intracellular proteomics, cell clones and antibody screening amongst others. Equipment is open to both self-operated or staff-operated usage (instrument dependent), and the cluster’s team of dedicated expert staff are available to consult, train, support and offer high-quality service to scientists via a range of access models (including self-use, service and collaborative projects).

The cluster is supported by the Research Support Centre (RSC) for front office (e.g. marketing, enquiry handling) and back-office functions (e.g. invoicing, reporting) to ensure a professional service.


Enabling Open Access to our
Flow Cytometry Instruments and Expertise

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