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Singapore National Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry (SingMass) comprises three mass spectrometry centres with complementary expertise, covering proteomics, small molecule analysis and structural mass spectrometry. 
  1. The Protein and Proteomics Centre (PPC at NUS)
  2. The Functional Proteomics Laboratory (FPL at A*STAR)
  3. The Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING at NUS)

Each centre has specific areas of expertise that will be combined into a coordinated unit that addresses the need for mass spectrometry solutions and synergizes the combined unique MS expertise. The overall goal of SINGMASS is to offer mass spectrometry users in Singapore and the larger Southeast Asian region, a one-stop solution for mass spectrometry applications and technology development. 

Functional Proteomics Laboratory at IMCB is a high profile group with unique portfolio. It gathers broad expertise from diverse fields including biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and mass spectrometry. Laboratory long-term research interest is focused on the integration of the cell biology, immunology with quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics. It includes Multi-Omics approaches in precision medicine for personalized therapies, antigen identification pipelines development, body fluid biomarker discovery, clinical proteomics and drug target deconvolution.


Key Capabilities



Key Applications

Laboratory unique expertise
  • Biomarker discovery (membrane proteome analysis, secretome analysis, etc.)
  • Large scale protein identification experiments (ligand identification)
  • Quantitative proteomics
  • Quantitative identification of interacting proteins (protein complexes analysis)
  • Post-translational modification analysis
  • Signaling networks analysis
  • DNA-, RNA- protein interactions
  • Lipids-protein interactions
  • Recombinant proteins/biologics i. e. weight determination
  • MHC presented peptides identification
  • Targeted proteomics – target validation


Key Applications

Specific application development
• Customized assay development i. e. project specific applications with modular data structure, complementary with Multi-Omics analysis