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SingaScope – a Singapore-wide microscopy infrastructure network brings together Singapore’s leading microscopy platforms to enable access to excellent instrumentation and expertise for Singapore’s research community. SingaScope combines the AHSTAR Microscopy Platform with platforms at the Singapore Microscopy and Bioimage Analysis (SIMBA – MBI) and Centre for Bioimaging Sciences (CBIS) in NUS, the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) at NTU, and SingHealth Advanced Bioimaging (ABI).

SingaScope is developing a searchable online database to enable scientists to easily browse and search to identify where valuable resources are and link with the relevant experts for further consultation. By leveraging on the existing well-equipped platforms and further developing them through strategic acquisition of emerging microscopy technologies – SingaScope will ensure Singapore remains at the cutting-edge. SingaScope will continue to develop Singapore’s human capital, raise service standards and cement Singapore as the regional centre of excellence through educating both scientists and facility staff. SingaScope will also build on the experience of similar projects from around the world, through interacting with initiatives like Global Bioimaging and NEUBIAS.


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