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Founded in 1998, Axil Scientific is a well-established and leading provider of life science solutions in Singapore. Our extensive portfolio includes research products from reputable overseas manufacturers, as well as our very own 1st BASE brand of products and laboratory services. Our customers rely on us for excellent customer care, strong technical support, and high-quality and affordable services delivered with speedy turn-around time.

Our services include, and are not limited to, Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, Molecular Biology Services, Custom Buffers, and many more. For 1st BASE's complete range of products and services, please visit
-Customised Buffers-Custom Molecular Biology Services

-Gene Variant Libraries

-Customised Bacterial Culture Media-Fragment Analysis Services

-Peptide Synthesis

-Human Cell Line Authentication-CRISPR Screening

-Metabolomics Services



Customised Buffers
Customised formulations which are specific to research needs. Customers to provide their requirements for the following:

1. Buffer components, buffer recipes
2. pH and concentration required
3. Grade (ACS Grade, Ultra Pure Grade or Biotechnology Grade)
4. Packing size and order quantity

Customised Bacterial Culture Media
1. LB Agar (Lennox)
2. LB Broth (Miller)
3. LB Agar (Miller)
4. 3% Agar
5. 2X YT Medium
6. 4X YT Medium
7. Modified Terrific Broth

Volumes: 400ml (Agar), 500ml, 900ml (Agar), 1000ml Format: PC bottle or recyclable duran bottles or petri dish Grade: Standard


Human Cell Line Authentication
• Establishes genetic profile of cell line using species-specific STR markers.
• Add-on service: Mycoplasma detection
• Sample requirement: genomic DNA

Custom Molecular Biology Services
• Plasmid Preparation (Mini, Midi, Maxi)
• Plasmid Verification
• Site-Directed Mutagenesis
• DNA Cloning

Fragment Analysis Services
Fragment analysis is performed with a Genetic Analyzer to detect changes in the length of a specific DNA Sequence which indicates the presence of absence of a genetic marker.

CRISPR Screening
• Screening for edited cells on mixed population to determine whether a significant number of cells developed the desired genome edit, or
• Screening on post-isolated clonal cell lines to identify one with the desired edit.

Methods we use for screening include Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and Fragment Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis.


GeneVariant Libraries
In partnership with VariantFind™ by Ranomics, we provide ready- to-clone DNA libraries encoding all desired mutations for any gene(s) of interest.

• Multi-site saturation library
• Single saturation library
• Combinatorial variant library
• Alanine scanning variant library


Peptide Synthesis
• Custom peptide synthesis services include peptide sequencing design consulting and peptide modifications.
• All peptides synthesised are provided with a complete quality control package which include HPLC chromatograms to ensure purity and mass spectral analysis to confirm identity.

Metabolomics Services
Quantitative analysis and identification of metabolites in a variety of sample types (biofluids, tissues, bioproducts, bioprocesses, or crops). Metabolic analysis is conducted using a variety of methods including NMR, GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, HPLC-UV/FD, LC-MS, DI-MS and bioinformatics.

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