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BioAcumen Global Pte Ltd

Here at BioAcumen, we strive to produce local in-house test kits that are affordable and easy to use. We provide a one stop shop for your molecular diagnostic problems with a custom end-to-end PCR kitting service as well as lyophilization services. 





  • Our expertise lies primarily in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), which is a scientific technique used to amplify DNA/RNA from samples that contain trace amounts of DNA/RNA
  • Recently, we have also established a ISO-6 clean room furbished with a freeze dryer, allowing us to offer lyophilization services that are the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region

Application of Service

  • PCR Kitting Service
  1. Assembly of reactions under ISO 13485 quality management system
  2. Quality Control reports
  3. Packaging & Storage 
  • Lyophilization Service
  1. Freeze Drying service of up to 2000 reactions under ISO13485 quality management system
  2. Foil Packaging with Desiccant


 For further information, email us at or visit BioAcumen Global