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Custom VereChip™ Multiplex PCR Microarray Lab-on-Chip

Meeting your specific requirements


Building on our VerePLEX™ Biosystem, Veredus Laboratories offers the capability to develop custom assays and microarrays to meet the needs of our customers. The chip design service ranges from full in-house assay development to providing guidance to customers on porting their own assays and experiments on to our Lab-on-Chip platform. We are also actively seeking potential collaborators to develop novel assay panels which will revolutionize how experiments are done.  

For any interest to customize new panels or existing VereChip™ panels, eg. VereFluPlus™ and VereThreat™, please contact us at



Packages Available


Full Development Package

Spotting Capability

Comprises of full development of new product including feasibility study, complete design of the lab-on-chip and internal verification studies with the deliverable of a final kit.
Offers Veredus lab-on-chip as a multiplexing platform for research and testing. Includes chip spotting and customized software design. Final deliverables include spotted chips and customized software.
Customer to provide:
Intended Use
Optional: List of pathogens targets, genes, gene sequences and reagents
Customer to provide:
List of Pathogen Targets
List of Genes
Specific Gene Sequences
Optional: Reagents

Veredus deliverables:

  • Feasibility Study Report
  • Project Timeline
  • Customized Bio-application
  • Internal verification report
  • Developed Detection Kits (Chips and Reagents)

Veredus deliverables:

  • Spotted Chips
  • Customized Bio-application
For further enquiries on the service, email us at