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JN Medsys is a Singapore biotechnology company focusing on digital PCR. We are one of the first to launch the digital PCR platform and was the first in Asia. The latest digital PCR platform, Clarity PlusTM, was launched in 2020. JN Medsys has started her presence since 2010. With more than 10 years of experience in the digital PCR industry, we are continuously advancing to keep up to your research needs.


As the need for DNA and RNA quantification increases, we are bringing you the ease and convenience of digital PCR service to your doorstep. Digital PCR (dPCR) is the solution to absolute quantification with superior accuracy. JN Medsys offers digital PCR services using in-house developed ClarityTM digital PCR.

ClarityTM digital PCR has greater sensitivity and precision as compared to qPCR. With these advantages, it has been widely adopted for a wide array of applications including low abundance target, small-fold change detection, and viral load quantification.

ClarityTM employs a chip-in-a-tube technology which significantly reduces the time required for performing digital PCR. Hence, researchers can also look forward to a fast turn-around time in our digital PCR service. JN Medsys is the first and only digital PCR provider in Singapore.



Bringing you the latest technology, keeping up with the advancement – This is a hassle-free solution brought to you.

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Digital PCR Applications

  • Cell-free nucleic acid analysis
  • Quantification of reference materials
  • Copy number variant analysis
  • Bacterial/Viral load quantification
  • NGS applications
  • SNP quantification
  • Environmental testing
  • GMO detection and contamination assessment
  • Digital PCR assay customization




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