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As the only company with Plant Protein Composite (PPC) Bioink and PPC Scaffold, KosmodeHealth is the forerunner in supply and 3D bioprinting service of customizable PPC scaffold. Expertise in plant protein extraction and purification opens an economical alternate source of natural protein, that promotes cell growth for biomedical applications. When compared to animal proteins composite scaffolds, our Plant Protein Composite (PPC) scaffold has the benefit of batch-by- batch biostability with no risk of animal disease transmission.

KosmodeHealth’s proprietary 3D bioprinting methodology has also been shown to enable accurate, precise printing of high resolution, sub-micron diameter size multi-scale, diverse gradient coiled pattern scaffolds.

Consequentially, PPC printed bioscaffold printed demonstrated enhanced cell attachment and proliferation, tunable biodegradation profile that can be monitored in vivo in real time and in non-invasive manner – an industry first. In addition, it is also capable of encapsulating bioactive to be released in a controlled manner as the bioscaffold biodegrade - ideal for therapeutic applications such as wound dressing.


Products & Services:

KosmodeHealth has a portfolio of proprietary 3D printed PPC bioscaffolds. The portfolio consists of Polycaprolactone (PCL) and PCL & Plant Protein Composite (PPC) scaffold. Each bioscaffold is 3D bioprinted in 24 layers at 400μm,200μm,100μm pore sizes. The scaffolds are suitable for 3D cell culture, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.

KosmodeHealth’s unique value proposition lies not only in PPC scaffolds but also in our ability to customize. In addition to the scaffold portfolios, we can customize the formulation of plant composite bioink and customize the 3D bioprinting of scaffold tunable to the required specification of different cell types and biomedical applications. We are therefore well placed to provide the following services:

  • Customized development of PPC bioink for:
    • different bio-printers and
    • for specific biomedical applications
  • Customized 3D bioprinting of bio scaffolds to required specifications for:
    • Therapeutic applications e.g. wound dressing with controlled-release of medicine embedded in the scaffold
    • Tissue engineering applications
    • Regenerative medicine applications
    • 3D Cell cultures for drug discovery and development
    • Tumor tissue model for cancer research

Customized scaffold printing with 3D Electrohydrodynamic Printer
SEM images of scaffolds morphological printed by PCL and PCL/Gliadin inks

PCL-zein bioink provided scaffolds with better cell affinity for 3D cell culture application


KosmodeHealth is a service provider that thrive on solving customers’ problems. Challenge us with your problem statements and we will take a problem solving approach to help address your needs.


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