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Design and Build Mobile Apps

Home to the first and only specialized journal in the world "Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices". With over 20 scientific apps and over 40,000 downloads all over the world in just 2 years, we have a wealth of experience in the areas of apps, in particular, scientific phone apps. In addition, we also developed smartphone-dependent devices (e.g. APD SpectBT). We offer our capabilities as a service in both app design and building.



We have expertise across the areas of apps, psychology, education, product development and also scientific research. Depending on your requirements, we can offer unique interdisciplinary approach to your problems or initiative.



APD Trove Journal

Publishes high quality student research in all areas of disciplines ranging from science to humanities on our APD Trove Journal. This journal provides a training ground for academic publishing, and also makes quality work performed by students available to both students, professionals and general public.


Scientific Phone Apps and
Mobile Devices

The first specialized journal in this field, it publishes high quality scientific reports on mobile apps and smartphone dependent devices such as add-on sensors or modifications. Allowing for not only academic recognition for the broader scientific community, it also brings awareness to the general public on the development of such tools.

The journal accepts full research articles, application notes, reviews, editorials, and correspondences related to the development of research or education apps in all disciplines. The apps or mobile add-on devices should aim at replacing bulky equipment or to enable certain features on smartphones, phablets or tablets. The focus would be on the functionality and convenience.



Workshop/ Seminars

APD SKEG Pte Ltd have a wealth of experience in educational programmes since 2008. The staff have been involved in both undergraduate and graduate programmes originating from different places in the world. Our workshops range from simple sciences to programming. To find out more on how we can assist you, whether you are looking for a particular course or want us to help, please write in to us.


For further enquiries on the service, email us at