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Biomarker discovery studies are paving the way to a new paradigm of a predictive, preventive and patient-centric model of clinical care. Finding accessible, accurate, specific and sensitive biomarkers will enable early detection of diseases, guide treatments, predict disease progression and ultimately save lives.

Discovering, validating and profiling biomarkers can be time and resource intensive.  To streamline and accelerate the development and implementation of reliable and robust biomarkers, standardized methodologies spanning sample collection, transport, storage, experimental protocols and data normalization and analyses need to be implemented.

MiRXES provides comprehensive miRNA profiling services in our dedicated high-throughput biomarker discovery laboratory. Our tested and proven workflow has generated high impact papers and one of the world’s earliest miRNA IVD assays for early gastric cancer detection. Extensive pre-analytics and quality control measures ensure data quality and reliability. We adhere to standardized methodologies published in our national standard for the design, development and validation of miRNA-based diagnostics1.

1. SS 656:2020 Singapore Standard, Design, Development and Validation of miRNA-based diagnostics. Enterprise Singapore.



Comprehensive miRNA Biomarker Discovery and Validation Services Tailored to Your Project Goals

ID3EAL Premium Profiling Service
  • Close consultation with assay development scientists at every step, from study and cohort design to pre-analytical quality control to bioinformatics for biomarker identification
  • Choice of absolute copy number or fold-change data
  • Highly precise data through multi-layer controls and standardized methodology
  • Minute clinical sample input (50-100ng RNA or 200µl serum/plasma) for 7-log dynamic range detection
  • State-of-the-art bioinformatics for biomarker identification and validation
  • Translation of findings from bench to bedside with add-on assay development and diagnostic kit prototyping service
ID3EAL Panel Profiling Service
  • Expertly curated disease-relevant panel generates meaningful insights
  • Small clinical sample input (100ng RNA or 200µl serum/plasma) for 7-log dynamic range detection
  • Reliable and reproducible fold-change data
  • Publication-ready data charts
Genome-wide Screening Via NGS
  • Hypothesis-free genome-wide screening of miRNAs
  • Useful tool for discovery phase research before further validation with the gold standard RT-qPCR method
  • Complete sample-to-report service enabled by highly experienced and skilled sequencing and bioinformatics team



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