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Who Are We

Established in 2007, Restalyst is a fully integrated company that generates the full product pipelines from scientific research to in-house developmental work of patented technology.


Products and Quality Assurance

Our key products include immunoassays for early diagnosis and sensitive detection of oncology, infectious diseases:

  • RAPIT COVID-19 IgM/IgG Test Kit

Our products are listed in Singapore Medical Device Register, & are CE-IVD.

Our R&D and production facilities are certified for compliance to EN ISO13485:2016.

Restalyst is interested in offering contract services, collaboration & supply of biological materials to our partners.





Our Services

1. Contract Testing Services

  • Offers a variety of testing services with our range of analytical instruments and expertise in immunological and molecular based assays
  • Services can be customized to support the Research & Development pipeline from Discovery to Pre-clinical phases

2. Contract Development Services

3. Contract Manufacturing Services



Our Collaboration Interests

1. Licensing of IPs

  • Required for product development & commercialization

2. Joint product development

  • Evaluation studies
  • Required for product validation
  • Publication and/or report for product promotion

3. Supply of biological materials

  • Required by Company for product development & manufacturing
  • Required by Partner for R&D

Note: Services & Collaboration rendered are subject to agreement by parties involved after review over terms & mutual benefits.





Biological Materials

Whole/Processed Blood, Plasma/Serum

  • Biological and Clinical material for use in R&D/ QC/ Validation
  • Individual clinical data
  • Detailed COA & De-linked IRB Protocol
  • Anonymized Clinical Data
  • Customized requirements


Infectious Disease/ VirologyEBV (VCA, EA, EBNA), H. Pylori, HBV DNA, Influenza A/B, Saccharomyces, Tetanus, Zika, etc.
HematologyHemolytic anemia, Hemophilia, Hereditary spherocytosis, Hodgkin's lymphoma, etc.
OncologyCarcinoma, Sarcoma, Lymphoma, Leukemia, etc.
OthersUlcerative Colitis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, etc.


Biological Materials

FFPE Tissue Organs

  • Database containing more than 10,000 FFPE pathological and normal tissue specimens from all organs (except brain) and diseases/cancers
  • A wide range of liquid-based cytology specimens
  • Raw biological pathology material or characterized by pathologists
  • Sample originated from EN ISO 15189 accredited facility
  • Individual clinical data
  • Detailed COA & De-linked IRB Protocol
  • Anonymized Clinical Data
  • Customized requirements


MelanomaPancreasBone Marrow


Biological Materials

Isolated Cell Samples from Diseased & Health Cohorts

  • Immune cells (PBMCs, BMMCs, MNCs, CD4, CD25, etc.)
  • Primary Respiratory cells (HuBECs, parenchymal fibroblasts, etc.)
  • Primary and Immortalized cancer cells
  • Joint Tissue cells (Chondrocytes, synovial fibroblasts etc.)